When I insert a table of contents in Pages, the page numbers are inserted with only a tab character separating them from the title of the paragraph style. I would like the page numbers to go to the right of the screen, preferably with some sort of separation line between the two (e.g. dots). I am doing this to emulate the look of any standard table of contents:

Standard table of contents

Is this possible on Pages?

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Show the ruler (ViewShow Rulers), then adjust the TOC as you desire, such as:

Move the page numbers by selecting all TOC levels (hold ⌘ while clicking to select multiple levels) and moving the marker on the ruler.

Move page numbers

Indent headings based on hierarchy by selecting sub levels and moving the marker on the ruler.

Indent headings

Add dots between heading and page number using the inspector: Text → Tabs: Leader.

Leader dots

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