Toggling "Do Not Disturb" blocks banners/alerts for notifications, but I still hear the sound when I, for example, get a message.

Is there any way to mute the Notification sounds without muting the entire computer?

  • I agree, this happen for example with Whatsapp application. Is very annoying – Arnold Roa Aug 18 at 16:13

Notification sounds are silenced in Do Not Disturb mode. Contacts marked with Emergency Bypass will bypass this and allow the notification sound to be played.

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    Nope - I agree with the OP.. do not disturb does not silence notification sounds. Very annoying. – Stretch Aug 14 '18 at 8:04
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    Another vote to confirm OP. Do not disturb allows audio notifications to pass through. Much heart pain. – jason Aug 27 '18 at 22:02
  • This is consuming me! Do not disturb settings say that sounds will be silenced, but I keep hearing Slack, Whatsapp and more. Please someone come up with a fix! – Alain1405 Jun 30 at 20:17

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