I want to be able to move really large video files (think 60 - 90 GB) between Macs in different cities on a closed network. I'd like to be able to go point to point, so no single-server or cloud-based solutions. Because the pipe between locations isn't huge, the files may take hours to transfer. I want a solution that won't just stop if there is an intermittent network error, or even an unexpected reboot. The interface should also be simple; something like a folder for each destination that a user can drag and drop to.

Nice to have would be the ability to monitor and pause a delivery on the receiving end, so if two transfers get started at the same time you don't have to wait forever for either to finish.

I know there are some really expensive solutions. I think there are some FTP clients that come close. Anyone know something affordable that would meet the requirements?


Transmit is my personal favorite but Fetch also does the trick you ask.

iCloud will help you locate the IP of the remote machine and screen share if needed and is much simpler than getting a free DNS software solution to locate the IP of the other endpoint (assuming you have dynamic IP address or are behind a NAT router on either end of the transfer).

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