I have a simple backup bash script that dumps the output of pg_dump for a PostgreSQL database into a Google Drive File Stream directory.

This bash script is referenced by a launchd user agent.

The XML file for the user agent runs the script with a StartInterval key.

In theory, this means that the script should run once at login, and should then repeat according to the StartInterval key's integer.

My issue is that Google Drive File Stream doesn't seem to be mounting the relevant volume in /Volumes in time for the first instance when the script in the user agent is supposed to run. I'd like the script to run at login successfully.

The now deprecated Google Drive desktop app used to have a permanent folder on the filesystem, but now the Google Drive File Stream seems to need to mount at login, and it's no mounting quickly enough for the launchd agent.

Manually stopping, unloading, loading, and restarting the agent a few seconds after login works fine, once the directory in /Volumes/GoogleDrive actually exists.

How can I reliably mount the Google Drive File Stream folder in /Volumes before this other launchd agent starts?

I'm on macOS 10.12.6 (16G1212).

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