This MacBook fails to finish logging in after boot ... diagnosis was a "bad harddrive cable", but after replacing that, no change. For reference, an independent, Apple-certified repair center did a "long" diagnostic after the "Genius" (term used only due to branding) bar said the hard drive was bad.

The laptop boots to a login prompt. After successful login, a progress bar that looks like a firmware update or system check takes a long time to complete (>15 min), and then the computer shuts off. I'd like to reclaim the current OS install, and avoid reformatting/reinstalling.

How can I diagnose what is wrong, without being able to login? AHT "long" test shows no problems.

Bonus points: how can I run the same diagnostics the Apple-Certified repair center did, so I can see the error codes, etc...

Update: Disk Utility in repair mode failed to verify or repair the disk.
Problems were found with the partition map which might prevent booting
Problems were encountered during repair of the partition map

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    Why didn't you have the Apple-certified repair center fix the problem? Did they try swapping the HD for a good one to verify the original findings of Apple? – fsb Mar 16 '18 at 2:20
  • They wouldn’t repair it, cited it being “vintage”. I don’t know what other steps they tried. – user3.1415927 Mar 16 '18 at 2:46
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For the record, this was a dying (very almost dead) hard drive. Replacing the drive solved the major issues, although there is still a progress bar question open.

This answer is simply to mark the question 'resolved/closed'.

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It may well be a disk failure. I would try "FirstAid" in DiskUtility on the disk first and then on the bootpartition.

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  • Your answer was given six hours after the information in the original question indicated that both verify and repair failed. – user3.1415927 Mar 17 '18 at 14:20

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