My wife is to face a 2h flight with our very active daughter and would like to prepare some distractions.

Specifically we are looking for very simple, entertaining games a toddler can handle. We already have "Memory" and she really enjoys it.

It should be as colorful as it can get and interactive where swiping and touching a thing is the most sophisticated gesture she can handle. Doesn't really have to have a goal, just do stuff.

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There are a lot of apps for children. You can find some decent apps here and here, or just by using the terms "iPad app Children" in Google :-)
Enjoy you flight!

  • Goodluck with the flight and the children! :-) – Michiel Nov 22 '11 at 8:25

This is an iPhone app, but will work on iPad, It is a game made for toddlers.


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