I am trying to use Devonthink for more use cases than I did before. What is holding me back from making it my general note-taking tool is the editor situation, and I wonder if it can be improved.

Situation atm

Structured editing

I am looking for an editor that offers structural markup, not just formatting. Think of the editor of Confluence, for example, that gives you a dropdown for selecting "Heading 1", "Heading 2", "Code", "Quotation" and so on.

Looking for dropdown lists. Bonus points if they are configurable.

Current editing options for notes in Devonthink

Out of the box, one can create notes as

  • plain text
  • rich text (RTF)
  • Markdown
  • "Formatted note"

Plain text is obviously not the solution here.

Both rich text and formatted notes use the very old-style Mac formatting mechanism of just giving you a text style and color selection dialog, see this screenshot:

Classical font selection window

Markdown would be great, if Devonthink only had a useable editor for it -- currently, you need to manually switch between plain text editing and formatted viewing, and there are no dropdowns with formatting options available anywhere.

Looking for...

So I'm looking for ways to either give Devonthink a more powerful, more modern editor for structured text (I don't care too much about the exact format) or alternatively for a way to have it use a powerful external markdown editor of my choice everywhere I deal with notes.

Any ideas?

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