I got a message from my Mac IDrive app that there has been no backup for four days. The message says the most common cause is the Mac being turned off, but my Mac is always on and connected. IDrive has been working fine for months.

IDrive support suggested that I upgrade to version but that's what I have, and they haven't responded further. There's no clue in the logs; it just says "Backup operation failed" at the end after listing files for backup. I Have paid for a years service.

Is there a way to troubleshoot this other than requesting another support ticket?

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    Seeing that you paid for this, I would stay on top of the issue with the developer of the app. – Allan Mar 12 '18 at 20:23
  • I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's a Basic Customer Support question. Please see the meta post linked above for details on how to proceed if you can edit the post and, if put on Hold, have the Hold reviewed. You can also contact the software developer for assistance with their product. – fsb Mar 12 '18 at 20:38
  • My original question has been edited out: "Anyone else see this recently? Is there a known cause and solution?" I generally assume I'm not the only one having a particular problem, and that someone has had the same problem and perhaps found a solution. The app developer is not responding. Is there a better place in Stack to ask customer support questions? – vonlost Mar 13 '18 at 2:25

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