I have a sheet with a few columns,

Columns A contain dates, Columns T contain some text

What function can I use to count :

  1. The numbers of result in the columns A which match the current day

I tried COUNTIF(Table 1::A2:A72, DATE(TODAY()))

  1. The number of recurrence of the same text on columns T (e.g how many time "Approved" is listed on T

I tried =COUNTIF(T1:T99,"Approved") but this return an error

Update for question 2 COUNTIF(Sheet 1::Table 1::T1:99, "Approved") is actually working

1 Answer 1

  1. COUNTIF(Table 1::A2:A72, A3) and add manually the date on A3

  2. COUNTIF(Sheet 1:T1:99, "Approved")

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