I have a disk image file (.dmg) with a single partition that points to an HFS+ formatted filesystem, which is observable via device file /dev/diskNs1s1. The record for the single image in the partition table is set to specific GUID that triggers IOStorage kernel module that suppose to run this filesystem.

Once I tried to mount this drive to selected folder using /usr/sbin/diskutil mount ... it appeared that the filesystem might be corrupted :

Volume on disk2s1s1 failed to mount
If the volume is damaged, try the "readOnly" option
If the volume is an APFS Volume, try the "diskutil apfs unlockVolume" verb 

looking deeper into the unified logger printouts, I saw the following message :

mount blocked by dissenter PID=0 (unknown) status=0xf8da000c log=kDAReturnUnsupported

I also made sure that my image is well formatted using fsck_hfs

However, when I use /sbin/mount -t hfs ... I successfully managed to mount the filesystem.

Perhaps anyone can tell me what is the difference between those to supposedly similar commands under the hood ?


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