When I test an internal development build In App purchase subscription durations are greatly reduced according to the table at:


Actual Duration Test Duration
1 week          3 minutes
1 month         5 minutes
2 months        10 minutes
3 months        15 minutes
6 months        30 minutes
1 year          1 hour

In an internal development build when I purchase a 1 month subscription, it actually expires after 5 minutes.

When I submit a build to iTunes Connect to use with Testflight, will my beta testers see the shortened durations (5 minutes) or will they see the actual durations (1 month)?

  • I believe it's the same length of time because you're using the same sandbox. It's easy to test, though, just add your app to TestFlight and only send it to yourself.
    – fsb
    Commented Mar 9, 2018 at 16:35

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The durations are the same as with other sandbox users. Thanks @fsb


The period provided in

apple sandbox duration timings doc

are for reference purpose only and are approximate as told in this WWDC 2018 video engineering subscription .They may or may not be of exact duration as given in the table. So one month in the sandbox may not be always equal to 5 minutes but in and around that.

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