Sometimes when I use Open Recent in the File menu of TextEdit, the path appears as a long trail of icons. Often (as shown below) it is doubled, identical on two lines.

This seems to happen spontaneously, doesn't look like that a few minutes before or later, and nothing notable (that I'm aware of) has happened.

I've seen this happen for a USB flash drive, and also for local files on my laptop's hard drive.

Question: Why does this happen, and does it have any significance that I should be aware of?

Open Recent

edit: This might have tended to be associated with heavy use or times when available disk space is low (on USB or local) but I can't be certain; I don't remember and it hasn't happened recently.

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    I've seen this happen before; however, I believe if was a fluke and anomaly which I was not able to recreate. YMMV – user3439894 Feb 20 at 3:29
  • @user3439894 I was running an old OS at the time, this may have been an "artifact" and have been fixed. Thank you very much for the verification! – uhoh Feb 20 at 3:33

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