Is there a way to change the Finder tab title to include the name of the containing folder?


I work on projects that have the same standardized subfolder names (e.g., code), which makes it difficult to switch between projects without going through each tab to identify the containing folder.

Current state: ambiguous Finder tab titles for three different subfolders Ambiguous Finder tab titles for three different folders


I'd like to display the containing folder name as part of the Finder tab title. Extending the example, this would look like: projectA/code, projectB/code, etc.

Ideal solution (blue text only to emphasize the change): enter image description here

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There's no mod or preference I have seen to make Finder do this. You'll want an alternative app if this is your one and only need for productivity. Check out PathFinder: https://www.cocoatech.io

I find using a code editor to view folder hierarchy works much better. If you don’t have an IDE I would start with an extensible / feature-full editor like Visual Studio Code.

That or making the jump to shell where you can exert exceptional control over prompts allow more customization than Finder does at present.


Use the app "Onyx". It's free and you can use it to customize macOS. Go to Settings > Finder and there is a box for showing what you want ;)

  • This does not answer the question asked. In other words, Onyx cannot do as asked in the OP. Commented Oct 16, 2018 at 11:52

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