Hi :) I've got a 2017 macbook pro w/ touch bar

According to this site:


2nd Display Support: Dual/Mirroring* 2nd Max. Resolution: 4096x2304 (x4*) Details: *In addition to simultaneous support of the internal display, this model supports a maximum resolution up to 4096x2304 at 60 Hz at millions of colors on four external displays or two external displays at a maximum resolution up to 5120x2880 at 60 Hz at over a billion colors via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C).

If I'm reading that correctly, it means you can connect up to 4 external displays, and they can be 2K or 4K displays. If it's a 5K display, you are limited to only two of them?

If I wanted to a setup with 3 external displays that are 2K resolution, how would I set that up? Do I need adapters for all of them? Is there something I can get that would daisy chain all the monitors together from a single USB-C?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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