I'm a huge user of Taglocity on Windows (Outlook 2010). Being a recent convert to a Mac, I'm very interested in using the Outlook app from Mac Office 2011. However, I can't get by without some at least basic functionality that I depend on from Talocity, which is Windows-only.

The most important feature is the ability to automatically keyword tag emails as they are sent and received and to have those tags follow emails that are subsequently sent/received in that thread.

Workflow is typically something like this --

  1. I receive an email. Take a look at it and manually tag it with the "Widget" and "Red" keywords.
  2. I reply/forward that email and my response is automatically tagged with the same keywords.
  3. A new email arrives from the same thread. It is automatically tagged.
  4. Rinse, repeat...

A simple keyword search/filter mechanism is needed as well.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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