I have a WiFi only 4th generation iPad and to trade my device in I am being asked for an IMEI serial number that you would dial for on your dialer. However, my iPad does not have a dialer, and I cannot find an IMEI in settings.

Can you help or is there no possible way to find this information?

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  • WiFi iPads have no IMEI – John Keates Feb 27 '18 at 13:20

The settings app has a general section where you can get all the various MEID / IMEI / ICCID and serial numbers. If you are being forced to make up a number, perhaps the listing isnt correct for a WiFi only device or you need to find a seller that can properly classify your hardware as WiFi only.

If you did have a cellular capable iPad, and you can’t find the information in the about section, it might need a restore or repair.

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Only cellular devices have an IMEI (it stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity). Also a dialer is only available on an iPhone (not on a cellular iPad).

In your case the only thing you could provide is the serial number, which you can discover in Settings -> General -> About. It can be used on Apple's Check Coverage page to verify purchase date and warranty coverage.

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