I tried to re-install macOS on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) via the internet (Command+Option+R). After 5 minutes and some progress the following was shown, what does it mean?

enter image description here

apple.com/support does not know this error code.


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It looks like you need to reset your device's NVRAM. Check out Apple's documentation that explains how to do that: How to reset NVRAM on your Mac

This thread on the Apple Support Communities suggests an NVRAM (or PRAM) reset will resolve this issue. If that doesn't work, it wouldn't hurt to try an SMC reset as well.


I received the exactly same error -2005F on T2 MacBook Pro 16,2 and figured out it's because all partitions have been wiped out on the disk when I tried to install Linux. I just installed a Linux and get partitions configured.

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