Sometimes, iPhone suggests emojis based on the text you have typed, like so enter image description here

I have been trying to trigger this emoji 😝 on the Predictive bar shown above without success. I know there is some personalization involved, but is there a way to find the text that can trigger a particular emoji? I would think there is are some default text mapping to each emoji.


In English, the word you want is any of:

  • crazy
  • lol
  • laughing
  • lolz
  • lols
  • lulz
  • rotfl
  • rotflmao
  • excited
  • silly
  • loco

On macOS the list of words for the suggestion/predictive feature is in FindReplace.strings within /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreEmoji.framework, but the majority of the keywords work on iOS too.

There are different sets of words for each language, as you would expect.

Also see: How to bring up a precise Emoji in the iOS QuickType menu


Apple probably has their own list of mappings between words and emojis(for various languages). They probably use some of the Unicode data(here is some that I found - digging through the Unicode website you could find more).

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