These are my search settings on MacOS Sierra, Safari 11.0x or Safari 11.1 Beta, no difference.

  • "Enable Quick Website Search" is unchecked.
  • "Include Safari Suggestions" is unchecked.
  • "Include Safari Suggestions" is unchecked.
  • "Spotlight Suggestions is unchecked.
  • "Allow Spotlight Suggestions in Look up" is unchecked.

My Search Safari settings

Spotlight settings

Problem is that when I enable Quick Website Search and press "Manage Websites..." I see:

enter image description here

I erase and disable the option, come back later after using Safari, re-enable and more websites appear.

It seems like Safari always records websites with searches or something, and allows me to see it when I "enable" the option, quotes used here since option is always enabled.

How can I get this behaviour to stop, so that unchecking "Enable Quick Website Search" actually stops data collection?

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