Is it possible to link to another notes in macOS Notes Application? For example I want to add in link to "Note2" from "Note1". So I click on the link, it will take me to that note.

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    The following reddit page has a list of iOS url schemes, reddit.com/r/workflow/comments/3mux7h/ios_url_schemes. Using that in combination with the iOS developer docs, it may be possible. Getting the note Id to pass into the URL query may not be possible. I will test as soon as I can and write back. mobilenotes:// is the URL of interest. – natemacinnes Feb 18 '18 at 19:27

If you click on the “Add People” button in the top right corner, it will take you to a version of the iOS Share Sheet. Choose “Copy Link” and then select “Copy Link” again in the top right corner. 😊

It will upload the note to your iCloud and give you a URL. Still trying to figure out how to get the “ID” from the link to use mobilenotes:// (since that would be easier).

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