Successfully connect and extend both of my Dell "U2517D" monitors using my "Hubee" usb-c dock to my MacBook Pro to render 3 separate windows(Mbp screen included).


The usb-c dock has a DP cable(connected to one of the dell monitors) and a HDMI cable(connected to one of the dell monitors) plugged into it picture, this allows both monitors to operate however they only seem to render a singular mirrored display output picture. In display preferences this is what I see picture. I have attempted to daisy chain both monitors together then doing a single DP connection to the dock but it didn't work. I have also tried pressing the detect monitors button in the display preferences but it has not worked.

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What you ask is simply not possible with that hardware.

Due to the way the signal must be demultiplexed, you will need a Thunderbolt 3 dock instead of a USB-C dock to be able to drive the two external displays with separate content.

Alternatively you can connect one of the monitors directly to the MacBook Pro using a standard USB-C to DisplayPort cable.

  • Both are correct. Thunderbolt 3 dock or one with built-in DisplayLink. Some background on why a "normal" USB-C dock doesn't work: sebvance.medium.com/…
    – Volsk
    Sep 23, 2021 at 13:16

Unlike what jksoegaard says, in my experience, running dual screens of a single USB-C works fine depending on the dock. Both the Lenovo USB-C dock and the Dell D6000 both support running dual 1920x1080 displays. The Dell D6000 will even support 1440p monitors. You'll need to install the Display Link drivers manually though, available here: https://www.displaylink.com


Ιt seems macbooks can not function properly (at least not with HP G5 docking station and not without the multiple external monitors been detected as one) with only one usb-c cable connected.

I used one cable to the docking station and another one HDMI to usb-c.

So it worked with 2 cables on 2 usb-c ports.

I really wonder why much cheaper laptops work great just with one cable to this docking station.

My setup: Macbook pro 16", 2019, 2x27 HP Monitors, HP G5 docking station.

enter image description here enter image description here

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