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I am currently using a MacBook Pro 2015 with Iris Pro 2G graphic card, which supports up to 2 extended display (I tried to setup 3 extended monitor - 2x Thunderbolt 2 + 1x HDMI, it won't work, 1 screen has to go dark). On the other hand I also have a MacBook Pro 2013 with a broken screen. Both MBPs have 2x Thunderbolt port and 1x HDMI.

MBP 2015 has a 3-screen setup:

  1. Laptop screen
  2. Thunderbolt 2 to DVI on FHD monitor (extended)
  3. HDMI to DVI on FHD monitor (extended)

MBP 2013 has a single screen setup:

  1. Laptop screen - broken
  2. Thunderbolt 2 to DVI on FHD monitor (mirror, not extended)

My question is,

  1. Is it possible to use a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 2 cable connect these 2 MBP and make the 2013 MBP's FHD monitor as another extended display to make MBP 2015 to total of 4 screens?
  2. If not, any suggestion to make the most of the MBP 2013?

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  • To make the most of the 2013 MBP, replace the screen. It's a good laptop with tons of life left in it. It's not a too difficult fix to replace it. See iFixit for instructions – Allan Feb 16 '18 at 12:41
  • Thanks for the suggestion Allan. I had look at the tread that you guys suggested, I wasn't quite sure, is the answer to my question is a NO because the only supported devices are iMac? – Jerome Feb 19 '18 at 9:05

ScreenRecycler enables you to use your MBP 2013 as an additional display for your MBP 2015 laptop. It's not very expensive (about $30).

Both computers need to be connected together through the local network (can be either Ethernet or WiFi, or maybe even a Thunderbolt Cable if you really want that).

The MBP 2013 needs to be running Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, or 10.10 (because ScreenRecycler is not compatible with 10.11 and newer).

  • This is not a good solution because 1) Thunderbolt is a PCIe bus - you just can't jam them together (as you say) if you want and 2) 10.8 through 10.10 are deprecated operating system. They are no longer being updated and are obsolete. – Allan Feb 16 '18 at 12:34

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