So I need to downgrade itunes to 12.0.1 for a jailbreak (6.1.6 on ipod 4g). Currently, you can't just delete itunes. What would I have to do?

My idea is:

  • Disable SIP (boot into recovery mode and disable)
  • Delete the Itunes Application
  • Install the 12.0.1 Itunes

Is it that simple? Anything else I need to remove? I'm trying to get either redsn0w or p0sixspawn to work.


So if you are reading this, this may not be how to downgrade itunes, but this is how I used a different version.

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Obtain a .iso version of windows, and Boot it in VirtualBox
  3. download itunes version needed from here within VirtualBox
  4. Do what you need
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    You could also use the free trial version of Parallels which would be easier. – airsquared Mar 3 '18 at 23:38

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