I used the Disk Utility and I deleted the OS partition, because I lost the admin password and I couldn't install anything (my first question). I got an advice about deleting the partition from disk utility. I did it and now I have 2 new partitions.

I had macOS Sierra before. When I try to install macOS now, I get option to install OS X Lion. (I didn't install macOS Sierra myself. I just bought that old macbook one week ago and macOS Sierra was installed.)

When I connect to WiFi to install OS X Lion, I get an error after 10 minutes. I can't install the OS and it tells me that I have to contact AppleCare Support. I don't have an Apple ID. How can I solve this problem now?

How can I install OS X using USB?

I tried to download macOS Sierra and install it via USB but I couldn't open the Apple website from my other Windows laptop. I got an error that the website can only be opened with an apple device. The problem is, my mac has no operating system at the moment and I can't login into their App Store to download the OS.

Any help will be appreciated.


the Core problem was on my internet connection. I connected my laptop to EDUROAM (Public guest internet network) via Hotspot using my windows laptop. After begigning of installation (10 minutes) the internet connection droped to hotspot and this why I got the error. I couldn`t connect with my MacBook Pro directly to EDUROAM because I need to logging to network via HTTP and apple doesnt provide this option by installation :( I solved this problem by using an other internet connexion which is connected directly to router without login.

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    i got an advice that i have to delete the partition from dis utility. i did it and now i have 2 new partitions. Then you didn't delete the partition...you created a new one. What Mac do you have? Do you have Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8)? If you don't have an AppleID how did you acquire Sierra to install it the first time? How did you create the USB installer in the first place? There's TONS of critical details you're leaving out of the question. – Allan Feb 10 '18 at 14:17
  • i didn't install it before. i just bought it 1 week ago and Siera OS was installed – AhmyOhlin Feb 10 '18 at 14:25
  • if the partition wasn't really deleted you can always boot holding the option key down to select which partition to boot off of – Pro Blaster Feb 10 '18 at 16:35
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    is there an error message? can you post it? – Pro Blaster Feb 10 '18 at 16:36
  • Note that solutions are answers and should not be an edit – user151019 Feb 13 '18 at 11:19

Bootable USB or External Drive

You will need access to a Mac computer to obtain macOS from the Mac App Store. If you can arrange this, then follow Apple's How to create a bootable installer for macOS.

Internet Based Install

Alternatively, try the steps from About macOS Recovery.

Contact Apple

You can create an Apple ID by following Create and start using an Apple ID, then you can contact Apple support.

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