Aoerture allows you to have a keyword hierarchy. Unfortunately if you choose ("write keywords to masters" it doesn't apply the upper elements of the hierarchy, but only the leaf node. To get around this I have to rewrite the leaf node to include all the parents.

In inporting and exporting the file, Apple indents each level of the hierarchy by one tab

I need to change this: (Snippets are exports of Apple's keyword hierarchy.)

        White Spruce
        Colorado Spruce
        Norway Spruce
        Eastern White Pine
        Lodgepole Pine

To this

    Treefarm > Spruce
        Treefarm > Spruce > White Spruce
        Treefarm > Spruce > Colorado Spruce
        Treefarm > Spruce > Norway Spruce
    Treefarm > Pine
        Treefarm > Pine > Eastern White Pine
        Treefarm > Pine > Lodgepole Pine

The list of changes is fairly easy. I can export the hierarchy as a text file, and import it too. That however doesn't change the labels on the photos.

How do I: (pseudocode)

Foreach Photo in Selection {
  Foreach Keyword in Photo {
    Newkeyword = Concantenate Parents
    Remove Keyword
    Add Newkeyword

Or alternately operate on the database itself.

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