I would like to export my Keynote slides to pdf with the presenter notes. The layout of the resulting pdf is not good : the slides are scaled down on each page, and the text of the presenter note is not aligned with the slides (see screnshot) Is there a way to change that layout ? I tried the option "print to pdf", but I can't get good result.

If it's impossible to get nice pdf from Keynote, do you know any other app that could handle this correctly?

example of pdf page

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This is a cosmetic bug you could report to Apple.

Here is my best approach I used to get a decent PDF. In printing menu, select Keynote > Print: > Handout > Add Notes enter image description here

  • But that workaround doesn't solve the problem of the scaled-down slide and the non-aligned text ?
    – Nitenq
    Feb 7, 2018 at 9:32
  • You are right. This doesn't answer your question. Let me search back in my previous Keynote files.
    – dan
    Feb 7, 2018 at 16:47

If you have access to Powerpoint, one easy option is to export from Keynote to Powerpoint (pptx), and then print from Powerpoint to PDF with the Notes layout.

Powerpoint does a slightly better job of formatting presenter notes. They're better aligned, in a larger font size, and the default aspect ratio is portrait. Not perfect, but looks a bit nicer than the Keynote export style.

Powerpoint print dialog

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