Can i use apple remote desktop to control a windows 10 machine on the same LAN ?


Why would you want to? To access a Windows 10 machine remotely, download "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" for free from the Mac App Store. I should note that not all versions of Windows can be accessed remotely using "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10". For example, the Home versions of Windows will not work with this software.

BTW, many modern PCs are "Wake on LAN" (WOL) capable. If the remote PC is capable of this feature, then you do not have to leave the remote PC on all the time. You can allow the PC to enter hybrid or regular sleep mode, then send a packet over the internet to wake the machine. A Terminal application command for doing this is called wolcmd. This command can be downloaded for free from the website: Wake On Lan for Apple Mac OS X 10.6+. I setup a service, so I can issue this command from the menu bar.

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    I don't have any Home machines here to test, but it will connect to Win 7 Pro. – Tetsujin Feb 5 '18 at 7:39
  • Upvoted because of the solution but to also answer the question, the answer is "No, you can't." :P – Sera H Feb 21 '18 at 10:14

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