• HDMI, from Apple TV to monitor

I am temporaily using my Apple TV 4K with a computer monitor, instead of a conventional TV - connected via HDMI.

It's working great, except that the only way I've found to control the volume of the built-in speakers is via the very fiddly on-screen menu.

Is there an easy way via the Apple TV to control the sound volume on a computer monitor with built-in monitors, without using the monitor's on-screen menu?

Things I've tried:

  • Using the volume control on the Apple Tv's remote - it tells me to use the remove control for my TV, which doesn't exist
  • Use AirPlay or Screen Mirroring on iPhone and iPad to send to AppleTV - the iOS devices then don't allow the volume to be changed
  • Search online for inline HDMI devices to control volume - I didn't find anything

There's no easier way from the AppleTV or similar. In modern HDMI based systems the volume control always happens at the destination (for example the TV). When you send the audio digitally, the source (Apple TV) is not amplifying an analog signal and thus has no impact on the actual volume except for any external control signals it can.

Your computer monitor is probably not designed for use as a TV, and does not support receiving volume control signals anyway other than the on-screen menu. According to its manual, there doesn't seem to be any remote controls available or similar.

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