I've followed the instructions from How to delete/remove custom ringtones (tones) from iPhone in iTunes 12.7?, but the ringtones are still on the iPhone after I sync, even though in iTunes the tones are no longer there. How can I remove the tones from my phone?

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You can delete custom ringtones right on your iPhone using GarageBand.

  1. Launch GarageBand on your iPhone
  2. If you’ve never created a song on GarageBand, then you need to create one. It doesn’t matter what you create, you just need to have a song on the “Recents” screen.
  3. Navigate to the “Recents” screen and long-tap on one of the songs.
  4. Some floating options will appear
  5. Select “Share” and then select “Ringtone”.
  6. If a message appears about ringtones being 30 sec long etc’, just press “Continue”.
  7. You should now be on the export screen. Press on “My Ringtones”.
  8. A list of your custom ringtones will appear.
  9. Press on “Edit”.
  10. Delete the ringtones you don’t need.
  11. That’s it. You can now cancel back to the main screen

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