I have my AppleID, password and access to the email account registered to the ID. But I don't have the answers to the security questions. I have not used the account since it was set up in 2014 and I'm 99% certain that I didn't set up security questions at the time because if I had I would have used my password manager to create and store random strings as answers, and I have nothing saved. I can reset my password easily enough but I actually can't login. The option to reset security questions requires you to answer a security question!! Like doh, if I could do that I wouldn't need to reset them.I do think this is ridiculous. I got Apple support to phone me and the best they could suggest is change the password to a strong random one (it is anyway) and abandon the account! Anyone have any other ideas?

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    Good question. May I suggest you to ask Apple support exactly when your security question was set, explaining Apple support that this might be the evidence that your account was hacked. – dan Feb 3 '18 at 14:05

You can go to iforgot.apple.com and then enter your Apple ID email address and then the captcha code there. Then choose continue and reset security questions. Next you choose how you want to reset it (get an email with a link or enter the password). Then you can change the security questions.

Apple Support can reset the password for you. All you need to do is to get verified. You need to attempt to sign in to the Apple ID site. When it asks for your security questions there is an option there that says Get Support PIN. Apple Support needs that PIN as 1 way to verify you. Then all they need next is one of the following:

  • At least 1 correct security question
  • Text you a code to your iPhone or the phone number
  • Enter in some of your credit card info that is on file.

After that they can reset the questions.

Best of luck.

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