I want to buy a game in the Mac App Store.

How can I check before buying if the game/app is 64 bit or not?

I would like to know because 10.13.4 is displaying warnings about 32 bit apps/games. And probably 10.14 doesn't run 32 bit apps/games at all.

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If the app in question was updated after June 2015, or if it was released after February 2015 the app it's 64 bit.


Apple stopped accepting new apps without 64 bit support in february 2015 and stopped accepting updates to existing apps without 64 bit support in June 2015.

  • The game in question was last updated on 28 July 2015... so it should be 64 bit right?
    – user61744
    Feb 2, 2018 at 12:40

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