I know how to take full-length screenshots of a given page, but what about video? Audio recording not necessary, but would be interested to know of any tactics or well-hidden browser extension recos for capturing a full page in all its animated glory.

Perhaps there's something about how the viewport handles graphics that makes recording off-screen animation unfeasible, so I encourage sharing efficient ways to stitch multiple videos or other reasonable (free? easy?) workarounds.


Apple buit this functionality into Quicktime player and many people don't know it's there. In fact you can even record the screen of a connected iPad or iPhone.

Open Quicktime player and select New Screen recording... You will be given some brief instructions and then a button to click to start recording. When you are done, right-click on the Quicktime dock icon and end the recording.

  • Sorry maybe I should be more clear, I want to capture the entire scroll length of a web page as one continuous (moving) image. With this method I can only record the visible screen space (the viewport). – user179473 Jan 29 '18 at 21:38
  • If you scroll while recording the movie that is what you will have. Also apps like SnagIt can capture the entirety of a web page as well. – Steve Chambers Jan 30 '18 at 0:43
  • Yeah, I'm looking to have it all displayed at once without having to scroll, like the full-page screenshot feature that's built into most browsers, but as a video. I'm looking into SnagIt but am not seeing any specific mention of such a feature, I'd be very surprised if they offered it. – user179473 Feb 6 '18 at 4:07

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