Is it possible to hide FaceTime audio?

It certainly was possible to hide or move the window in earlier macOS versions but with macOS High Sierra I can't select the window nor can I hide it with shortcuts.

new FaceTime

The old version:

enter image description here

The position in the top left corner is very annoying and sometimes I have to resize windows to click on something (for example Safari buttons).


This seems like a bug.

Also other people had this kind of question too: Apple discussion

I have found three temporary workarounds (the last one is the best). All of them force quit the process FaceTimeNotificationCenterService:

  • Open Activity Monitor and search for FaceTime. Then select FaceTimeNotificationCenterService, press the red circled button and choose Force Quit.

  • Open Terminal and type killall -kill FaceTimeNotificationCenterService then press return (⮐)

    With this command you essentially Force Quit the process. (For more information type man killall; -kill sends the signal kill instead of the default signal term to the process)

  • For a more permanent solution you start Automator make a new Application. Here you go to Utilities and drag Run Shell Script to your workflow. Write killall -kill FaceTimeNotificationCenterService in the text field and you can save the document.

    As a shortcut you can place this Application in your dock so it needs only single click to activate.

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    You are my hero. – Dominik Bucher May 19 '18 at 12:38
  • Towards the end of the discussion you linked to someone suggested: "open the notification centre from the side and turn on " do not disturb"" – Marcel Stör Sep 18 at 9:57
  • @MarcelStör Thank you very much! I will try it out and update my answer accordingly. – Qbyte Sep 18 at 14:27
  • @MarcelStör I'm on macOS 10.14.6 and the window does not disappear if I turn on "do not disturb". (I tried turning it on/off before and also during the call) – Qbyte Sep 18 at 18:44

Here, I created a small app that you can run after you have your facetime call going that will hide the window. http://onetoshare.com/AH2Bjq

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