Main problem:

When I run an app that monitors CPU temperature, it rises from 40° to 76° in 3 minutes. Even though the CPU usage is 12%, CPU package power draw maxes out at 31W. I checked the clock speeds and temperatures from iStat Menus. The CPU core power draw was only 7W at maximum and integrated GPU power draw was at 21W.

My Question: How do I fix this?

Additional information:

But GPU frequency was at 0MHz. When I use apps like Macs Fan Control that only displays temperatures as numbers not graphs, temperatures don't rise. Also, when using Intel Power Gadget, temperatures keep rising up to 92°. And when I close the lid of my Mac, it overheats, exceeding the CPU temperature limit and crashes. But when using iStat Menus, temperatures hover around 70°.

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Fixed it! Driver issue. I was using an older version.

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