Are there any key combinations standards for tabbing between windows within an application? For example, in the Safari web browser: CTRL-TAB will cycle through the open tabs. It would be nice if this was

If not, I am wondering if there is a clever technique to implement such a feature (automator?).


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Your question seems to be conflating two things: cycling through tabs of a window and cycling through windows of an application.

  • ⌘ cmd` grave and ⇧ shift⌘ cmd` grave will cycle through windows in an application.
    This works for virtually all applications.
  • ⌃ ctrl⇥ tab and ⇧ shift⌃ ctrl⇥ tab will cycle through tabs in a window.
    This works for all applications which implement macOS Sierra's standard tab framework or implement this keyboard shortcut for their own tabs (which almost all tab-supporting apps do).

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