Essentially as the title says, if I have an audio input connected to one of my Macs, is it possible to share it with other machines across my network? All of my machines are Macs, in case this makes things simpler.

To give some detail, the device in question is a vinyl record player connected to a HiFi system, however it also has a USB port which I am intending to connect to my media centre machine (a Mac Mini running macOS High Sierra, mostly used to run OpenPHT with an IR remote).

However, the media centre machine is in no useful state to be used for actual recording work, so I'd really like to be able to have the record player (which simply appears as an audio input device, just like any microphone or such) shared with other Macs on my network so that I can handle recording from one of them instead.

Is it possible to do this? Ideally using either capabilities built into macOS, or readily available free software (homebrew, macports etc. options are perfectly fine). I've found a few commercial options, but they go far above and beyond what I actually need, like effects, internet broadcasting etc., I just want an audio input in my Mac Mini to be in some way usable from another machine in my house, nothing fancier than that 🙂

  • Use something like VLC or FFMpeg to capture the microphone input and then stream (broadcast) it. See this relevant post – Allan Jan 26 '18 at 12:47

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