Does the camera of a newer MacBook require the green camera light beside it to turn on when the camera itself is turned on? Is the camera light hardwired to the camera, meaning that if the camera is supplied electricity, this would imply that the camera light would also be supplied electricity?

I've seen this question come up again and again, but with no satisfactory answer. This answer links to a research paper which shows that it was possible to activate the camera without activating the camera light in pre-2008 Macs. The answers to this question seem to come to a similar conclusion. A user even went as far as to say that "[no] proof exists that you can do the same in post-2008 laptops."

The fact that there is "no proof" for such a seemingly significant security feature is rather strange, for multiple reasons. There must have been a group of designers and engineers who created the camera and camera light system – they would surely know and have told others. Some people could have torn the computer down (iFixit perhaps?) in order to check this, but that doesn't seem to have happened yet. More importantly, I would expect Apple to tout this as a security feature, but clearly Apple doesn't state anything about it on their website. Is there really 'no proof' as to whether the camera and camera light is hardwired or not?

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