Good morning everyone.

I own a Yamaha Net HI-FI, a CRX-N560D that has airplay capabilities. I couldn't get my new Macbook Pro 2017 - High Sierra 10.13.3 installed - to stream audio to airplay speakers. The Hi-fi is connected correctly to the router and then to Internet, as it streams Spotify flawlessly. I had the same problem with my old Macbook Air late 2010 with every OSX i had installed on it, from Snow Leopard till High Sierra. The odd thing is that i could connect easily iPad Air 2 since iOS 10...

The firewall is deactivated; no LittleSnitch or similar. There are no strange software installed, as i bought the Macbook Pro just yesterday.

Any advice or suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

  • Are they connected to the exact same network? I.e. for example are they connected to the same WiFi SSID?
    – jksoegaard
    Jan 25, 2018 at 19:51

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Yamaha did release a firmware update in December 2017 and since you've been having problems with this for a while it'd be worth checking whether you actually have the latest firmware for your Yamaha CRX-N560D.

If your firmware is version 1.17 (or above) then you're up-to-date. If not then go to the CRX-N560D Firmware Update Version 1.17 page.

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