I upgraded my macbook pro and have now two internal SSD drives (I removed the old drive and also the DVD drive).

I have been using Time Machine to back up the 1st drive to an external drive, and I now wonder if there is any way I can also use Time Machine to back up the new second SSD drive.

Hope it makes sense..

so I back up my main SSD-1 drive to an external drive called Backup1.

and now would like to back up my second drive called SSD-2 to a second drive called Backup2.

Is it possible to use Time Machine for that?

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No, you cannot do this with Time Machine unfortunately.

What you can actually do is backup both internal SSD drives to the same external drives - or backup both internal SSD drives to two different external drives.

However, you cannot setup it up so that SSD #1 only is backed up to external drive #1, and SSD #2 only to external drive #2.


It can back up two drives, but Time Machine will only back up to one drive, and stores the backups as images. You probably be better off in this instance with Carbon Copy Cloner, a more granular set up is possible there.

  • Actually Time Machine can backup to two drives from Sierra and newer. However, you cannot select different exclude lists for the two drives.
    – jksoegaard
    Commented Jan 25, 2018 at 14:24

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