I'm using Oh My Zsh and I was using the "Agnoster" theme for a while, but now I want to switch to "Amuse". So I went into my ~/.zshrc file and changed the theme config line to ZSH_THEME=amuse

This only gets me part of the way there. My font and color scheme doesn't seem to match still. The theme is supposed to look like this: enter image description here But mine looks like this: enter image description here

I saw the theme on this page but I can't seem to find info on font or coloring, nor can I figure out how to change it in Oh My Zsh manually. I did see the note about Powerline Fonts and I believe I already have those installed because the Agnoster theme I was using previously needed them too.

How can I get my terminal to match the Amuse theme exactly?

Thanks for any help!

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The shell defines the basic colours, then you specify how the Terminal displays those colours used in Terminal Preferences, under Profiles then the profile you're using.

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