When considering a switch from one iPhone form factor to another, one of the importand aspect is:

How physical text size compares between old and new phone (each of iPhone X, 8/Plus and SE)? How does different DPI affect it, if at all? And how much does the Zoomed View setting change the size?

This is especially important for elder and weak-eyesight users.

With release of iPhone X, my earlier question becomes critically outdated, so I decided to create a new one.

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Identical between pre-X devices; +17% with Zoomed-View; +7% on X

On SE, 8 and 8 Plus (and older devices of same form factor) text size is the same between devices, larger screen fits proportionally more text.

Zoomed View gives exactly the smaller-device amount of text in proportionally larger text size. 8 Plus screen is 17% larger than 8's, and SE is 17% larger than 8 (measured by screen height / width).

Conversely, on X the text is size in the middle of Standard-View and Zoomed-View of earlier devices, roughly:

  • 7% larger than on 8 (proportional to how X screen is wider than 8)
  • 9.5% smaller than on 8 Plus in Zoomed-View (proportional to how 8 Plus screen is wider than X)

DPI has no effect to text size on the apps I tried, no matter whether or not they support DynamicType system setting.


  • %% diffs are between width of equal text in equal apps, with identical settings
  • screen width diffs are based on official specs: screen size in pixels divided by PPI
  • measured and researched on my own; I would appreciate link to an authoritative source or suggestions on better metrics

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