I have a Mac High Sierra (10.13.2) connected to Open Directory. The server is a OpenLDAP Linux Server

With Apple Configurator I created a Email Profile to config email account.

In local users I don't have any problem to install the profile, but with network users "Profile installation failed: No user identifier found in record":

enter image description here

The message in Console is:

error 15:38:54.023485 +0100 com.apple.preferences.configurationprofiles.remoteservice [ERROR] Profile installation (Mail_Profile (Mail_Profile.98A029D9-5514-4A3B-A938-9CB338D4DC43:2C9546DD-2002-4486-9D55-395AEAD8555E)) (Error Domain=CPProfileManager Code=-202 "No user identifier found in record." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=No user identifier found in record.})

How I can fix this error?


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