I'm not very familiar with iPhone's iCloud backup mechanism and I have searched online expecting for an answer. Unfortunately, I got into confusion more than finding myself an answer.

What I have understood so far is;

  1. In the phone settings -> under your apple ID -> there's iCloud. Entering in shows how much space I have used and underneath that, says Apps using iCloud (where the Photos says off). However, when I click the "manage storage" under iCloud shows the storage plan following with backup,secure,WhatsApp,iCloud Drive... etc. Further selecting on Backup shows the phone (e.g.: Joe's iPhone) following with Photo Library,again WhatsApp, Facebook.. etc.

Now my question is why is it under Apple ID shows "APPS USING ICLOUD" and further drilling down toward "manage storage" under STORAGE shows another backup?

As I have pointed up on point 1, WhatsApp shows in both places. Does that mean it is backedup twice?

I'm not sure whether I'm making the point right but I'm a bit confused as to how the mechanism is working? whether do I have to necessarily do a complete backup or enable certain require backups such as WhatsApp, Photos/Videos, Viber... etc?

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