I have some events on my Calendar that I would prefer to have listed in Reminders. (They were added to the Calendar by TurboTax.) Is there a simple way to move them from one app to another? (I'm using Mac OS 10.11.6.)


This seems to work:

  1. Open your calendar.
  2. Click on the event you want to move to Reminders.
  3. Copy the event (⌘ command+C).
  4. In the Reminders app, click in a new event line.
  5. Paste the event (⌘ command+V).

There are a couple things I noticed when testing this (on Mac OS Sierra, 10.12.6):

  • The title of the reminder matches the name of the calendar event, but it's followed by "Scheduled:".
  • If the calendar event contains any alerts prior to the time of the event, these alerts are not added to the reminder. The reminder is only for the actual time of the event.

Sometimes looking for a way for the System to accomplish small things - especially now with High Sierra having been trimmed of so many useful “small things” - it makes more sense to copy and paste your Calendar event title to a new Reminder, and fill in the details yourself.

Or search the web.

I find Apple Support very low on advice, mostly a repeat of uninformative Support pages. There are great utilities like Onyx and Cocktail which help with sensible system tweaks.

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