I'm running MacOS 10.13.2 on a mid-2014 MacBook Pro (11,3) with a Dell P2715Q 4K external monitor. I currently use f.lux at its min. nighttime color temp of 1200K. Unfortunately, f.lux sometimes behaves unpredictably on my machine, and may be causing some stability issues.

I'd thus like to switch to Night Shift which, since it's a native Apple app, should be more stable. Alas, Night Shift's min. color temp is (based on published measurements) ~2800 K—not low enough to attenuate the shorter wavelengths (i.e., blue region of spectrum) as much as I'd like.

Is there any way to reconfigure Night Shift—say, via a Terminal command or editing a preference file—so that it gives a spectral balance more akin to f.lux's 1200K setting?

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