A couple of days ago I updated Apple Mail but after the update its hung up. Nothing seems to be working. After I launch it, I am not able to send or receive any emails. I am asked to reset it by some professional but before resetting it I want to backup all my data. I am not relying on Time Machine as well because it starts backing up everything on the Mac. Looking for a decent solution to backup apple mail but how can I do it if it's hung up like this.

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You can go directly to the folder where Mail saves its data through the Finder and duplicate it to store a copy elsewhere. Inside the Finder, menu Go > Go to Folder and then paste this path:


It is that V5 folder you'd want to back up before reseting Mail. There is also some software solutions like mailbackupx but I never used it so I can't say what it's worth.

  • Thanks for the solution. Mail Backup X is an amazing application to work with. Its simple and easy to understand unlike all the complicated steps and Time Machine, Mail backup X is really very easy. Thanks once again. Jan 10, 2018 at 6:11

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