The instructions for a tool to move WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS say that I need to install:

* `Whatsapp.ipa` of the same version (google will help)

Whatsapp.ipa appears to be the app itself. How do I locate it? After backing up an iPhone using iTunes on a Mac, only the data seem to be in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup (with coded filenames). The apps do not seem to be there (as would be expected; that would be wasted storage).

A comment below this answer suggests that it's somewhere under ~/Library, but

> find ~/Library/Group\ Containers -name "*what*" -print

yields nothing.

(I'm working my way through this problem.)

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    You can install the old but still available version of iTunes that supports apps here: support.apple.com/en_AU/downloads/itunes. All my apps are in /Users/[ME]/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications. However you should be able to install it the regular way (unless I am missing something in your question) the normal way, via the app store. – Steve Chambers Jan 1 '18 at 23:00

Download the free app EasyFind to your mac and then use it to search for your app. EasyFind is a very convenient search tool for the Mac with several filter settings. Yes it should be in the Library/Mobile Documents directory.

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  • Not anymore - iTunes no longer backup the apps - it only backup the information about where to download them from again, if a reload of a backup is required - app data are normally stored as individual properties, which are backed up, or directly to iCloud. – Rene Larsen Jan 1 '18 at 21:24
  • Don’t just recommend a tool, also explain how it can be used here. How does EasyFind solve the problem better than the built-in search in Findet or Terminal? What exactly is the search string (name of the WhatsApp ipa file) to be used? – nohillside Jan 1 '18 at 21:26

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