I'm considering using ChronoSynch 4.8.3, both to create a bootable backup of my main Mac as well as to sync between it and another Mac I use for travel. My question concerns the sync function.

My Macbook Pro lives on my desktop, and remains on 24/7 to provide Spam Sieve filtering to my IMAP email account. I have an iPhone, and when I travel, I carry a Macbook Air and the phone. The two computers both run Sierra, and are loaded with the same applications. Each computer backs up using Time Machine to its own external drive. At home, I use only the Pro; when traveling, I use only the Air. My calendars, contacts, pictures, Safari bookmarks, and Keychain passwords are synced via iCloud between the two Macs and the iPhone. Messages also syncs. When I'm at home, pictures I've taken move by Lightning cable from the iPhone to the Pro via iTunes This all works quite well.

While traveling, I sometimes work on items within my Documents folder. Thus, before I leave home, I'd like the Air's Documents and Pictures folders to duplicate the Pro's Documents and Pictures folder. I'm the only user of these machines; while I'm away, the Pro is not used (except for remaining on for email filtering). While away from home, I sometimes take pictures with the iPhone and save them to the Photos library on the Air.

When I return, I'd like to synch the Documents and Pictures folders in the other direction, so that any changes and additions I made during the trip using the Air are then reflected back to the Pro.

This scheme seems ready-made for ChronoSynch's bidirectional syncing, done manually immediately before leaving and immediately after returning from each trip. I have enabled sharing on both computers, and each computer's Documents and Pictures folders appear in the other computer's Finder window sidebar. On each computer, the other computer's Documents and Pictures folders can be opened and the contents accessed. I assume ChronoSync will reside on the Pro.

My question is: will installing ChronoAgent on the Air improve the experience? The ChronoSynch user manual, available on the econtechnologies website, presents the setup I've described (without ChronoAgent) as one of their setup examples. However, in a different location the documentation says syncing will work better with ChronoAgent installed on the remote computer (i.e., the computer that doesn't have ChronoSynch) because ChronoAgent manages permissions better than ChronoSynch alone, and allows the other computer to be accessed as though it were mounted directly on the principal computer's desktop. I don't know enough technically to assess if these differences will assist in this use of the ChronoSynch software.

Have any of you had experience with ChronoSynch, either alone or with ChronoAgent?

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