I have a problem that while watching videos in Safari in full-screen, I need to access another program, but at the same time keep watching the video, in not-full-screen mode though. Currently if I cmd-tab from full-screen of Safari to another program, that covers only a part of the screen, I get this in my Safari window: enter image description here

How can I switch to non-full-screen move automatically after using the combination of alt+tab?
Or is there any alternative that could be tailored to my need?

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As far as I understand your problem, when you are in full screen video, you can switch to normal video size by F

(And switch between Apps by TAB, not TAB)

  • Not exactly. I am looking for a combination of these two commands. And the part with alt+tab in my question was a typo, I meant cmd+tab.
    – Eduard
    Commented Dec 22, 2017 at 18:26

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