Since the update to iOS5 my iPhone 3GS does not show up as a device on iPhoto anymore. Before that, iPhoto was working without any hitch. I'm currently using the following:

  • MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB, Mac OS X 10.7.2
  • iPhoto '09 Version 8.1.2 (424)
  • iPhone 3GS, with IOS 5
  • iTunes 10.5 (141) 64-bit

Is there some way to recover so that I can import photos on iPhoto again, or is the software not compatible anymore?

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Hmm... Apparently, restarting the computer (with the applications not reopening) seemed to get iPhoto to work again.

I hope there are other ways of doing this.

  • Image Capture Extension or PTPCamera is used when synching in iPhoto. If any of those have crashed, maybe starting them again might get iPhoto to work again.
    – Spoike
    Nov 11, 2011 at 18:59

In iPhoto>preferences>general you're able to choose what happens when a camera connects to your Mac. If you choose Iphoto, your iPhone should appear as you want it to.

I discovered this in reverse. When I first got my iPhone, iPhoto automatically launched and by unchecking this feature in Iphoto, it stopped.

Hope that helps.


This has been bugging me for a bit. I already had the above it just stopped working. I went into preferences as above and changed it to open something else when a camera (phone) was attached. There's a couple of options in there I don't remember them now. I plugged the phone in and it launched that app ok. So I went back in and changed it to iPhoto again, took the phone off then reconnected and booshka - back to normal. See if that works...


Go to Settings.app, then select General. Scroll down to "Passcode Lock". Tap it, enter your passcode, and then proceed to turn passcode lock off.

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